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Rent of truck cranes from Lucas-Kran

LUKAS-KRAN has been providing rental services for truck cranes, crawler cranes and other special equipment with drivers in Russia since 2006 and is successfully developing despite the crises. Since 2011, it has been placing its fleet of equipment and service base on its own plot of land near the Ring Road and Moskovskoye Highway of St. Petersburg.

LUKAS-CRANE specializes in solving problems of any complexity, performed using mobile and crawler cranes - from design to installation with engineers and slingers on a turnkey basis.

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d. St. Petersburg, item Shushary
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Auto selection of the crane


Why choose us?

The priority of the company is safety when performing work with the use of technology. Automobile cranes are registered with Rostekhnadzor and undergo technical inspection every year. Mobile crane rental managers are certified by Rostekhnadzor and, like machinists, have passed exams in industrial safety and safe operation of jib cranes.


1 Increased safety measures during the production of works with truck cranes
  • Preliminary visit of LUKAS-CRANE engineers
  • Development of technological maps and projects for the production of works by truck cranes by in-house designers
  • Reinforcement of sites for the support contour of the truck crane with our own soil pads and airfield slabs (if necessary)
  • Using the most modern slings, traverses and lifting devices
  • Provision of LUKAS-KRAN engineering and technical personnel for complex types of work
  • A well-coordinated long-term team of professionals!
2 Maximum responsiveness when performing tasks
  • State of the art technology
  • Well-coordinated work and mutual assistance of all LUKAS-CRANE personnel
3 Flexible contractual relations and loyal pricing policy
  • Discounts
  • Deferrals
  • Bonuses

Why is it worth using the services of renting a crane and special equipment at LUKAS-KRAN? Because all equipment is equipped with Swedish-made chain and textile slings. For mobile cranes from 100 to 200 tons, pads for working on soft ground are provided free of charge. All truck cranes are equipped with safety devices that determine the weight of the load and other important parameters during the operation of the truck crane.

"LUKAS-CRANE" provides its engineers free of charge to your facilities within the boundaries of St. Petersburg and the nearest suburbs. Engineers will help you choose the best truck crane for your task and will give advice on site preparation, access roads and cargo slinging. If necessary, our designers will develop for you a project for the production of works with PPRK cranes.



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In an effort to be useful to you, we have tried to organize the work of our company in such a way that on any day of the week you can count on our help. If you need to order a truck crane and you have any questions when choosing, please contact our consultants by filling out this form or by phone:

  • (812) 309-70-07 (multichannel )
  • (911) 927-52-92
  • (911) 927-89-00
  • (911) 929-99-97


  • 196626, St. Petersburg,
    p. Shushary, st. Pushkinskaya 25 building 2
  • +7 (812) 309-70-07 (multichannel t / f)
  • +7 (911) 927-52-92 , 927-89-00 , 929-99-97
    (department: mobile rental cranes)
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.