Hydraulic hammers & vibratory hammers

All vibrators of the LUKAS-KRAN company are overhead crane-class equipment with an independent hydraulic station (power supply). High frequency, resonance-free starting, stopping and damping, shock-absorbing blocks - all these are modern advantages that allow you to immerse and extract with the highest productivity SHTS (steel pipe sheet pile), Larsen sheet pile and other pile elements near any modern buildings with facade glazing, without damage ... Hydraulic hoses from a length of up to 100m, allow you to work from a remote crane parking (work to strengthen the shore, quay walls, pits, etc.)

Hydraulic breakers of the LUKAS-KRAN company are also crane-class suspension equipment with their own hydraulic station. Unlike a vibratory pile driver, the hydraulic hammer does not have an extraction function and is only capable of driving the PTS and other piles by dropping the impact part onto the pile nozzle, which transfers the impact energy to the pile, thereby immersing it to the required design level. The striking part of the hammer is lifted instantly by hydraulic cylinders operating under high pressure of hydraulic oil supplied through the hoses from the hydraulic unit (similar to a vibratory pile driver). Mainly, the hammer is used after the vibrator to drive the pile deeper than the vibrator can.


Гидромолот YC-21

Hydraulic hammer YC-21

Impact mass 21 tons

Working stroke 1500 mm

Impact frequency 30-90 bpm

Гидромолот YC-25

Hydraulic hammer YC-25

Impact mass 25 tons

Working stroke 1500 mm

Impact frequency 28-95 bpm

Вибропогружатель SVR 50 VМ с переменным моментом

Vibration machine SVR 50 VМ

Eccentric moment 0 - 50 kg / m

Max. centrifugal force 2 923 kN

Power 805 kW

Вибропогружатель SVR 50 VМ с переменным моментом

Vibrator Müller MS-240 HHF

Eccentric moment (max.) 240 kg / m

Centrifugal force 5160 kN

Weight without clamps 19800 kg


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