The company "LUKAS-KRAN" has been providing services of truck cranes and other special equipment throughout Russia since 2006 and is successfully developing, despite the crises.

Since 2011, the company has been locating its office, a fleet of equipment and a service base on its own plot of land near the Ring Road and Moskovskoye Highway of St. Petersburg.

"LUKAS-CRANE" specializes in solving problems of any complexity, carried out using mobile jib cranes.

Our equipment, under the control of the company's drivers with the highest ranks, participated in the work:

  • Installation and relocation of winch equipment at the "Nord Stream - 2" facility on the shore of the Gulf of Finland, Leningrad Region.
  • Installation of cable-stayed system of the "Volgograd Arena" stadium.
  • Construction of the Lakhta Center business complex.
  • Construction of a cooling tower at the Leningrad nuclear power plant "LAES-2", Sosnovy Bor.
  • Installation of rocket launchers at the cosmodrome in Plesetsk.
  • Construction of "Port Ust-Luga".
  • Construction of the Volkhovskaya compressor station for the Nord Stream gas pipeline of OAO Gazprom.
  • Construction of a tunnel under the Gulf of Finland and KZS from Kronstadt to Bronka, Lomonosov district.
  • Construction of the Western High-Speed Diameter from Stachek Avenue to Nab. the Yekateringofka river.
  • Installation and dismantling of gas drilling rigs on the Yamal Peninsula for Gazprom Burenie.
  • Construction of inclined passages at st. m. "Sennaya pl." and Art. m "Zvenigorodskaya".
  • Installation of an energy complex at the Pulkovo-3 airport.
  • Construction of a carriage plant in Tikhvin.
  • Construction of the Nevskaya Ratusha business center.
  • Dismantling of the reinforced concrete stele of the Novgorod Drama Theater and many other objects.


Rental of caterpillar and truck cranes


The company has tremendous experience:

  • During the installation of BKTP and other transformer substations of open and closed type, gas station tanks;
  • Installation and dismantling of tower cranes;
  • Descent and ascent of boats and yachts;
  • Installation and dismantling of boiler houses, concrete and asphalt plants;
  • Installation and dismantling of smoke exhaust systems;
  • Installation of entertainment attractions;
  • Supply of materials, machinery and equipment to pits, roof and wall openings;
  • Lifting cars, equipment and various goods after an accident;
  • Installation and dismantling of overhead cranes, floors and wall panels;
  • Works in shops, courtyards of the central part of St. Petersburg, on ceilings and ground areas.

The priority of the company is safety when performing work with the use of technology.

The company's truck cranes are registered with Rostekhnadzor and annually undergo technical inspection. Mobile crane rental managers are certified by Rostekhnadzor and, like machinists, have passed exams in industrial safety and safe operation of jib cranes.

Our company provides its engineers free of charge to your facilities within the boundaries of St. Petersburg and the surrounding suburbs. Engineers will help you choose the optimal crane for your task and give advice on site preparation, access roads and cargo slinging. If necessary, our designers will develop for you a project for the production of cranes - PPRK .

The LUKAS-CRANE equipment is equipped with Swedish chain and textile slings. For mobile cranes from 100 to 200 tons, pads for working on soft ground are provided free of charge. All truck cranes are equipped with safety devices that determine the weight of the load and other important parameters during crane operation.

Our company is focused on the wishes of customers and in recent years has also been performing complex services for the transportation of heavy and oversized cargo. LUKAS-CRANE has successfully assembled dozens of concrete and asphalt plants with its equipment, and also transported dozens of drilling rigs, tracked and wheeled vehicles!

For mobile cranes from 70 to 500 tons, steel linings are provided free of charge for work on unpaved and asphalt sites.

Currently, LUKAS-CRANE has a full line of mobile and crawler cranes from 25 to 750 tons of brands LIEBHERR, TEREX-DEMAG, GROVE, low-loader trawls up to 135 tons and scows up to 45 tons coupled with modern Volvo tractors, South Korean aerial platforms (AGP ) up to 45 meters, manipulators (CMU) up to 8 tons, a Volvo backhoe loader, a Manitou telescopic loader, as well as pile-driving equipment - a hydraulic hammer and vibratory pile driver.

Our advantages:

  • Own fleet of imported and domestic equipment registered with Rostekhnadzor.
  • Experienced train drivers of the highest category.
  • Free visit and consultations of engineers.
  • Development of projects for the production of works by cranes (PPRK).
  • Providing full-time engineers responsible for the safe production of work.
  • Provision of certified slingers with permits for work at height.
  • Certified imported chain and textile slings.
  • Provision of traverses for bulky loads (avoid compression).
  • Providing padding for soft ground.
  • Providing flexible contractual relations (discounts, bonuses and deferrals) for customers and intermediaries!


  • 196626, St. Petersburg,
    p. Shushary, st. Pushkinskaya 25 building 2
  • +7 (812) 309-70-07 (multichannel t / f)
  • +7 (911) 927-52-92 , 927-89-00 , 929-99-97
    (department: mobile rental cranes)
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.