In accordance with the requirements of Rostekhnadzor, LUKAS-KRAN has a staff of certified engineers responsible for the safe performance of work with the use of cranes and slingers , which it provides both together and separately with its equipment. 

The experience of our slingers is more than 10 years , which allows us to perform work of any level of complexity. All employees have certificates of the highest ranks of slingers, assemblers, and also have permission to work at height.

Most often, our engineers and slingers work on the unloading and installation of equipment of factories, power complexes, smoke removal and air conditioning systems on the roofs of various buildings, when launching and lifting boats and yachts, loading and unloading expensive oversized equipment using various traverses, which we also provide. ...

In the period from November 2018. to December 2019 more than 70 of our engineers, slingers and installers have successfully worked with sophisticated equipment for broaching gas transmission pipes at the Nord Stream-2 facility on the territory of the Kingiseppsky district of the Leningrad region. 

Turning to the LUKAS-CRANE company, you can be sure of the quality and safety of the work performed!


Experienced slingers 


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