The LUKAS-CRANE company offers special equipment for performing various tasks. You can order from us truck cranes of any capacity, trawl - low loader semitrailer, scow - a platform with removable sides, backhoe loader high performance, generator PRAMAC GSW 150V.

It is impossible to do without special equipment, but even large organizations cannot afford to buy it. But, there is no need to buy, it is better to use the rental service. At the same time, you do not need to look for qualified specialists, a place to store equipment, spend the budget on its repair.

The service of transportation of oversized cargo is in demand. This is one of the most difficult segments in cargo transportation. In order to provide this service with high quality, you need to have vast experience. Before starting to work in this area, our company received many years of experience in the transportation of its oversized cargo - truck cranes on a trawl, this was a necessity to save the running resources of special equipment.

Where our special equipment comes in handy:

  • Loading - unloading and transportation of equipment (drilling rigs, excavators, asphalt pavers, combines, rollers, etc.);
  • Loading - unloading and transportation of oversized and heavy cargo and equipment (containers, equipment, pipes, transformers);
  • Loading - unloading and transportation of building materials (cement, tiles and other goods on pallets)
  • Receiving your cargo at the port of St. Petersburg;
  • For excavation work, loading various materials (stones, sand, soil, etc.).

Selection of special equipment

The correct choice of equipment will allow you to complete the task in the shortest possible time and with high quality. Tenants cannot always correctly determine which cars are needed in a particular case. This leads to overpayments and failure to complete the task. Costs can be reduced if the power of the equipment and its performance are correctly calculated.

If you have any questions when choosing a special equipment, our specialists will answer all your questions online or by phone. Our work is aimed at making the client happy, we work every day, seven days a week , and if necessary, we can work around the clock.

What the rental of special equipment includes:

  • Selection of the necessary equipment;
  • Coordination of the route, escort of oversized cargo. We inspect the quality of roads, the presence of tunnels, low bridges, wires;
  • If necessary, registration of permits;
  • We independently deliver equipment to the place of work;
  • Carrying out loading - unloading of cargo by truck cranes;
  • Providing storage space for oversized cargo in our secure parking.

Rental and services of special equipment from the company "Lucas Crane"

Cooperation with us is beneficial to individuals and legal entities. We have all the necessary equipment - truck cranes with a lifting capacity from 16 to 400 tons for loading and unloading your cargo, a trawl and scow for the transportation of goods in Russia, a backhoe loader for excavation and material loading. Therefore, you do not have to coordinate the work of equipment, we will do it for you. We are responsible for the safety of your cargo and safety during loading and unloading.

We only have modern reliable technology that will not let you down. We are proud of the well-coordinated work of our team - only professionals work for us.

Another reason to order special equipment from us is reasonable prices. There is a flexible system of discounts for regular customers. We invite intermediary organizations to cooperate - our cooperation will be mutually beneficial.

The main goal of our company is to provide high-quality and comprehensive services that will help you develop. We will offer you a profitable option for renting special equipment, we will complete the planned work on time and with high quality.

If you need to order special equipment and there are problems when choosing, our consultants will answer all your questions by phone +7 (812) 309-70-07 or on-line .


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