When lifting at construction sites, it is often necessary to lift reinforced concrete structures to a height, namely, foundation blocks, floor slabs, wall panels, beams, staircases, piles, poles and other structures.

For safe lifting, it is important to properly secure the load using slings.

The image shows the following slinging patterns :

1. The plate is fixed with a four-branch sling to the mounting loops.

2. Two-branch sling with clamps grips - by the edges of the plate.

3. Plate. Four-leg sling with "rocker" grips.

4. The wall panel is fixed with a traverse with slings with hooks for the mounting loops.

5. The beam is secured with two universal looping slings in the girth with noose loops.

6. Flight of stairs. Four-leg sling with different leg lengths.

7. The piles are fastened with a universal ring sling with a noose. Pillars with two-branch sling for mounting loops.

8. Structures with a hard-to-determine center of gravity. Traverse with balance blocks.

It is also shown schematically how to properly store reinforced concrete structures.

Slinging and storage of reinforced concrete structures


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