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Rent of truck cranes from Lucas-Kran

LUKAS-KRAN has been providing rental services for truck cranes, crawler cranes and other special equipment with drivers in Russia since 2006 and is successfully developing despite the crises. Since 2011, it has been placing its fleet of equipment and service base on its own plot of land near the Ring Road and Moskovskoye Highway of St. Petersburg.

LUKAS-CRANE specializes in solving problems of any complexity, performed using mobile and crawler cranes - from design to installation with engineers and slingers on a turnkey basis.

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d. St. Petersburg, item Shushary
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A very important point in the safety of lifting work is the correct strapping and gearing of the load. This is due to the fact that the possibility of lifting and moving it depends on how the load is fixed. There are times when, due to haste, an improperly tied load fell off and fell. This not only causes damage to the load, but also endangers workers, crane operator, slingers, and can also damage the truck crane itself and nearby buildings.

The most difficult thing is to fix heavy, large and irregularly shaped objects. The illustrations below show the main safe methods of hooking and tying using:

  • universal rope slings with safety spacers;
  • branch rope slings;
  • chain slings.

Methods for attaching slings to one-horned and other hooks are also shown.

Обвязка и зацепление груза при работе автокраном

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In an effort to be useful to you, we have tried to organize the work of our company in such a way that on any day of the week you can count on our help. If you need to order a truck crane and you have any questions when choosing, please contact our consultants by filling out this form or by phone:

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