How the crane is installed on the construction site determines its stability, freedom of movement of the boom and load capacity. With the correct location of the equipment, its operation will be safe.

When installing a crane on the site, it is necessary to take into account the slope of the site, the presence and type of road surface, the location in the vicinity of slopes, trenches and pits. In the dark, the work site should be illuminated.

The distance between the slewing part of the crane in any position and buildings, cargo piles, structures, etc. - must be at least 1m. It is prohibited to be in this zone.

Installation of all outriggers is mandatory. If there are overhead power lines at the site of operation, you should adhere to the permissible distances set forth in the figure below.

Work is prohibited under the following weather conditions:


  • strong wind
  • thunderstorm
  • heavy rain
  • fog
  • snowfall
  • deterioration in visibility
  • the air temperature is lower than that specified in the technical passport


Any kind of work is prohibited if the crane or lifting devices are faulty.

Truck crane installation rules


Truck crane installation rules


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