Sometimes, to perform work with truck cranes, a full or partial road closure is required.

What is the procedure in this case, what permits must be drawn up, with which authorities must the execution of work be coordinated?

Blocking the road for a truck crane is unacceptable without the approval of the relevant authorities, such actions entail administrative responsibility and the imposition of a fine.

In order to avoid this, it is necessary to carefully prepare for work in traffic conditions.

First of all, you need to agree on partial or complete road blocking with the traffic police . For this, a cover letter is written to the traffic police, which indicates the type, place and period of overlap. The letter indicates the person who is responsible for carrying out the work.

A temporary traffic management scheme is compiled. It displays a section of the road where work will be carried out with the participation of a truck crane, while indicating the parameters of the section, the structures present, entrances, detours and other features. To bind the place of work, capital structures are included in the scheme and they are signed. Also in the diagram you need to indicate the distance of installation of signs. If necessary, the traffic police officer will make the necessary changes to the document.

The covering letter and the scheme are written in two copies, agreed with the traffic police, after which the applicant takes the signed copy of the letter and the road blocking scheme. Only then can you start work.

The main requirement for carrying out work in traffic conditions is the safety of road users and workers who carry out the work.

For this, employees are provided with the necessary means and undergo appropriate training.

When blocking the road for the truck crane to work, all factors are taken into account - visibility on the road section, the number of lanes, time of day and other factors. If necessary, signalmen are appointed to regulate the movement of transport and the operation of the truck crane.


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