Backhoe loader Volvo BL71B

Экскаватор-погрузчик Volvo BL71B Габаритные размеры экскаватора-погрузчика

Height: 2.6 m.

Carrying capacity: 3 tons.

Backhoe loader Volvo BL71B

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Reliability of operation, power, performance of the backhoe, as well as the simplicity, functionality and comfort of the operator's workplace distinguish the Volvo wheel excavator-loader among similar special equipment. With the qualities and versatility of the Volvo BL71B backhoe loader, work is always efficient, responsive and safe.

The Volvo BL71B backhoe loader belongs to a separate Volvo Construction series. The peculiarity lies in the fact that this technique combines the capabilities of a powerful front loader, as well as a wheeled excavator. Volvo BL71B is equipped with modern systems, also has a comfortable cab and stylish design. These are all key features of Volvo's new generation of versatile construction machines.

You can order a Volvo BL71B excavator-loader for rent by phone: (812) 309-70-07;  (911) 927-89-00;  (911) 929-99-97

Backhoe loader weight 8.59 t
Bucket capacity, backhoe 0.08-0.31 m3
Cutting depth according to SAE 5,370 mm
Bucket digging force 59 kN
Bucket capacity, loader 1 m3
Carrying capacity 3.152 t
Engine 67/90 kW / hp
Overall dimensions in working position
Loader dimensions
Swivel axle height 3,485 m
Discharge angle 45 °
Departure when unloading 895 mm
Unloading height 2,630 m
Backward bend on the ground 40 °
Digging depth 159 mm
Height at the top of the bucket 4,434 m
Max. excavation angle for grading 120 °
Backhoe Dimensions with Standard Stick
Max. excavation depth 4.3 m
Digging depth with flat bottom 610 mm 4,244 m
Max. unloading height 3.98 m
Departure when unloading 2.22 m
Max. bucket teeth height 5.53 m
Departure from the carriage axis 5.86 m
Departure from the rear axle 7.32 m
Lateral displacement of the boom from the machine axis 590 mm
Clearance when working against a wall 190 mm


Prices for the services of the VOLVO BL71B backhoe loader

Backhoe loader
Rental price
8 h. M / shift (1 + 7)
Standard equipment
+ forks
on request
Standard complete set
+ hydraulic hammer
on request



 You can order a Volvo BL71B excavator loader for rent by contacting our managers by phone or place an application on our website


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