Work using lifting equipment is fraught with danger, therefore it is imperative to comply with all rules and regulations.

Enterprises of all organizational and legal forms of ownership, individual entrepreneurs who use lifting structures must comply with the Federal norms and rules in the field of industrial safety during their work, they are spelled out in the regulatory document - " Safety Rules for Hazardous Production Facilities, where lifting structures are used ".

It is worth noting that this document was amended by order of Rostechnadzor dated April 12, 2016 N 146 .

The requirements of these rules and regulations apply to overhead cranes, stackers, lifts for moving people and (or) cargo, excavator cranes designed to work with a hook, lifting cranes of all types. In the new edition of the document, self-propelled cranes, cranes - manipulators are classified as stationary mounted lifting mechanisms, regardless of the possibility of movement.

That is, the law applies to truck cranes. Therefore, owners of truck cranes, companies that provide services for renting truck cranes should familiarize themselves with the norms and strictly follow them.

Safety rules for hazardous production facilities where lifting structures are used are mandatory at all stages of the life cycle of a substation and equipment used in conjunction with a substation. The rules include a wide range of norms and requirements, including industrial safety requirements for organizations and employees performing installation, adjustment, repair, reconstruction or modernization of substations.

Also, great attention is paid to the installation and commissioning of the substation, including the choice of equipment, organization and planning of work, requirements for installation and commissioning of remote equipment systems, quality control of installation and commissioning works and preparation of the necessary documentation.

A separate clause in federal rules and regulations highlighted the installation of substations and the performance of work, technical examination of substations, assessment of their compliance and examination of their industrial safety.

"Safety rules for hazardous production facilities where lifting structures are used" (as amended by order of Rostekhnadzor dated April 12, 2016 N 146)




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