The crawler crane LIEBHERR LTR 1100 Capacity table LIEBHERR LTR 1100 Dimensions LIEBHERR LTR 1100

Lifting capacity: 100t Boom
length: 52m

100 tons LIEBHERR LTR 1100

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The crawler crane LIEBHERR LTR 1100 with a lifting capacity of 100 tons has a 52 meter boom and a 19 meter lattice jib. The maximum lift outreach is 83 meters, the maximum boom outreach is 60 meters. 

The LIEBHERR LTR 1100 crane successfully combines the advantages of telescopic and crawler cranes. 

Compared to conventional lattice boom cranes of the same rated capacity, the LIEBHERR LTR 1100 offers shorter set-up times , easier transportation and exceptional versatility. In addition, the tracked chassis provides excellent off-road flotation with suspended loads - even in tight jobsite or side slopes. 

From the telescopic crane the LIEBHERR LTR 1100 has inherited a   powerful boom that can be extended to any position and extended by means of jibs - in full accordance with your needs.




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