Trawl Volvo FM 480 Tornado

Трал (низкорамный раздвижной полуприцеп-тяжеловоз) 80т Volvo FM 480 Tornado 6x6 Overall dimensions of the trawl

Low loader telescopic heavy-duty semi-trailer

Carrying capacity: 80 tons.

Trawl Volvo FM 480 Tornado

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The trawl (semi-trailer heavy truck with a sliding platform) has a carrying capacity of 80 tons, and when fully extended, its carrying capacity is reduced to 40 tons. Its own weight is 19.8 tons, while the low-loader trawl can move at a speed of up to 80 km / h.

This trawl is coupled with all-wheel drive tractors Volvo FM 480 6x6 Tornado.

The dimensions of the semitrailer may vary. The length of the platform can be increased by 7 meters, with a step-by-step extension (step 1 m). The width of the loading platform is 2.5 m, it is possible to increase with the help of extenders up to 3 m.

The semi-trailer-heavy truck has a pneumatic suspension, adjustable in height, 6 axles (three of them are swivel), sliding mechanical ladders measuring 2.34 x 0.7 m. 


Model Volvo FM 480 Tornado
Weight of transported cargo, no more, kg 80,000
extended 40,000
Total number of axles 9
Wheel formula of the Volvo tractor 6x6
Platform dimensions
Length  14 + 7 m
Width  2.5 + 0.5 m
Loading height 0.85m


The low-frame trawl is designed for oversized transportation of various equipment (special equipment, combines, drilling rigs, asphalt pavers, bulldozers, excavators, rollers) and cargo of large weights and sizes (pipes, equipment, tanks, containers). 

Carrying out oversized transportations often requires the availability of lifting equipment for loading and unloading. With us you can rent not only a low-loader heavy-duty semi-trailer with a sliding platform, but also mobile truck cranes from 25 to 200 and 400 tons.

The company's managers will promptly calculate the cost, agree on the route and receive all the necessary permits. For oversized transportation with a cargo width of more than 3.5 meters, our company provides a cover car with flashing beacons.

You can find out the cost of services from the managers by phone or on-line.


Additional discounts are available when renting a trawl with a mobile crane!

Our specialists will be able to provide you with safe loading and transportation of your goods!


More photos and videos with a description of the work can be viewed here: OUR WORKS



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