Vibrator Müller MS-240 HHF

Вибропогружатель SVR 50 VМ с переменным моментом Vibrator Müller MS-240 HHF

Eccentric moment (max.) 240 kg / m

Centrifugal force 5160 kN

Weight without clamps 19800 kg

Vibrator Müller MS-240 HHF

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The Muller MS-240 HHF High Frequency Hydraulic Vibrator is the world's most powerful crane-class suspended vibrator!

At the same time, vibrators from Muller, a German manufacturing concern Thyssenkrupp, have long established themselves as high-tech leaders in performance and reliability in any climatic conditions of the Russian Federation!

The Muller MS-240 HHF vibrator has a  stepped setting of the eccentric , static moment (kgm), which makes it absolutely universal, ideally suited  for operation in changing geological conditions .

The static moment can be changed  step by step from 151 kgm to 240 kgm ! At the same time, the vibrator is reconfigured with a different vibration amplitude and frequency at the same centrifugal force, which is extremely important in different geological conditions when extracting and driving piles in soils of any complexity! 

High Frequency Hydraulic Vibrator Muller MS-240 HHF



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