Vibration machine SVR 50 VМ

Вибропогружатель SVR 50 VМ с переменным моментом Vibration machine SVR 50 VМ Vibration machine SVR 50 VМ

Eccentric moment 0 - 50 kg / m

Max. centrifugal force 2 923 kN

Power 805 kW

Vibration machine SVR 50 VМ

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Vibrator SVR 50 VM with variable torque (phase regulator) will significantly speed up construction work.

It adjusts the position of eccentric masses during starting and stopping of the vibrator housing (gearbox) and does not create resonance. The body of the SVR 50 VM vibrator generates vibrations at maximum frequency and thus reduces the impact on the surrounding soil layers.

Powerful, high performance and durable, the vibratory hammer can be used for a variety of soil types and depths. Manufactured with the latest technology, the SVR 50 VM vibrator saves time and money.

Vibrator SVR 50 VM


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