Hansin HS450A aerial platform KAMAZ

Автовышка Hansin HS450A Таблица грузоподъемности Технические характеристики установки 45 метров

Working height 45 m
Platform lifting height 43.8 m
Load capacity 400 kg
On KamAZ-43118 chassis (6x6 all-terrain vehicle)

Hansin HS450A aerial platform

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South Korean aerial platform (AGP - auto-hydraulic lift )  45m HANSIN HS450A of the LUKAS-CRANE company has a telescopic boom, 45 meters long. Full-revolving working platform (cradle), transforms from a compact transport size 1.9 x 0.57 x 1 to working condition, size 2.8 x 1.1 x 1 (L x W x H m). The remote control (RC) allows the operator to be near the place of work and to position the cradle as conveniently as possible for installers and workers.

The KAMAZ-43118 all-terrain chassis with a 6 x 6 wheel arrangement gives a huge advantage when mobilizing in off-road conditions to communication towers, power lines and other hard-to-reach objects, including when driving on snow-covered and washed-out dirt roads.

All aerial platforms of the LUKAS-KRAN company are equipped with all modern security systems and are registered with Rostekhnadzor. The operators of our company have vast experience in managing AGP during installations of any complexity. 






The Hansin HS450A aerial platform has a number of improvements and changes in comparison with other aerial platforms:

  1. The entire electrical system of the installation has been changed - software, microcircuits, fuses. In the event of a malfunction in the electrical system, only the fuse is replaced.
    Changed weight sensors to Bongshin. Weighing monitor installed under the basket
  2. The drums of the hydraulic hoses and 2 cylinders of the hydraulic skew and basket rotation were enlarged, the hoses of a larger diameter were used. Fittings with a diameter of 1 mm are installed. Due to this, there are no delays in the hydraulic skew of the basket to the level when the boom is raised rapidly.
  3. There is a digital information about the load being lifted under the cradle.
    Three hydraulic locks are installed - one for each cylinder and an additional central hydraulic lock.

More photos and videos with a description of the work can be viewed here: OUR WORKS



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