Aerial platform Hansin HS3570

Aerial platform for rent Hansin HS 3570 Working radius of the aerial platform 35m

Working height 35 m
Platform lift height 33.2 m
Payload: 2 persons or 300 kg
On Hyundai Gold chassis (HD120)

Aerial platform 35m Hansin HS 3570

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Overall dimensions , L x W x H, mm - 7,670 x 2,400 x 3,780

Attached equipment weight -  8 630 kg

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Hansin 3570 aerial platform based on Hyundai Gold (HD120) .

Power and endurance are provided by a diesel engine with turbocharger and intercooler, maximum power of 225 hp. and a volume of 6.606 liters. Wheel formula 4 x 2 (with a rear driving axle).

Maneuverability: minimum turning radius 6.3 m. Maximum climb angle - 39

Safety - brake system hydropneumatic, drum type on all wheels, two contour.


Aerial platform boom:

  • 7-section telescopic octagonal shape;
  • Simultaneous extension type;
  • Made of DOMEX high-strength structural steel;
  • Control: remote, from the operator's cab, lower lever control on the platform.



  • Stem width: front 6,700 mm, rear 6,200 mm
  • Type: front and rear X-shaped, hydraulic
  • Material: High-strength structural steel
  • Controls: lower link controls on the platform left and right.


Working platform

  • Size: 3,000 x 1,100 mm
  • Rotation angle: rotates left and right 360 degrees



  • Operator's cab: closed type with air heater and fuel supply regulator.
  • Control levers: boom sections, platform and platform swing, cargo winch.
  • Spare parts.
  • Remote control, walkie-talkie.
  • Electric oil cooler.
  • Outrigger and work site lighting.


Safety devices

  • An electric motor and an additional hydraulic pump for folding the aerial platform in case of failure of the main engine of the vehicle.
  • Automatic limitation of workflows when overloaded.
  • System for automatic determination of the horizontal plane of the working platform and protection of the boom from impact with the object.
  • Sensors: tip-over warning, boom position safety, weight load, boom position control, tip-over warning, exceeding the angle of rotation of the platform.
    Outrigger position sensors.
  • Keys: emergency stop of work, emergency folding of sections of an arrow.
  • Digital anemometer - allows you to display the wind speed on the operator's cab display. The signaling device works if wind speed exceeds admissible norms.


The HS 3570 aerial platform has a number of improvements and changes in comparison with other aerial platforms:

  1. The model eliminates the twisting of the main highways, the subframe is reinforced, the length of the outriggers is installed.
  2. The steel was completely replaced with high-strength domex steel. New technology of a paint and varnish covering.
  3. Updated operator's cab.
  4. There were changes in the electrical system of the installation, it was equipped with software, microcircuits, fuses, and a monitor.
  5. The aerial platform is equipped with three hydraulic locks - one for each cylinder and an additional central hydraulic lock.
  6. Maximum safety is ensured by digital information of the load being lifted under the cradle, fittings protect the basket from lagging in the level, and a special system prevents the cradle from tipping over.
  7. The reliability of the sections increased, the outer cylinder was removed, which ensured the synchronous extension of the sections. In the construction of the boom, the cable has been replaced with chains from the 1st to the 3rd section.

More photos and videos describing the work can be viewed here: OUR WORKS


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