GROVE GMK 4080-1

Аренда автокрана  GROVE GMK 4080 Truck crane lifting capacity table GROVE GMK 4080 Truck crane dimensions GROVE GMK 4080

Lifting capacity: 80 t
Boom reach: 11 - 51 m, jib: +15 m
Lift height: 66 m
Crane weight: 48 t
Crane dimensions: 12.10 x 2.55 x 3.85 m

80 tons GROVE GMK 4080-1

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The GROVE GMK 4080  truck crane with a lifting capacity of 80 tons and a boom of 66 meters, is one of the most popular cranes of the LUKAS-CRANE company.

The mobile crane of our company GROVE GMK 4080 is an all-terrain vehicle with a wheel arrangement of 8x8 - all 4 axles of the crane are leading, the automatic transmission has a transfer case with a low gear. Axle and center differential locks provide additional flotation. The GROVE GMK 4080 has absolutely all 4 steered axles, which makes it very maneuverable and allows you to enter ordinary gates from narrow roads, turn around in a small radius and move along diagonals (crab movement).

The GROVE GMK 4080 mobile crane has a support contour of 8.1 x 7 meters. The working area is 360 degrees! The telescopic boom has a range of 11 to 51 meters. The 15 meter swing away lattice jib extends its length to 66 meters!

The choice of speeds for each operation and their full combination, gives the GROVE 80 tons truck crane high productivity in any type of work. Combined with high maneuverability and maneuverability (four-wheel drive), the services of this truck crane are ideal for most construction sites.

The services of a GROVE truck crane of 80 tons are often used for the installation of heavy equipment, transformer substations of BKTP, concrete and asphalt plants, machine tools, presses, equipment in production facilities, loading and unloading heavy, oversized cargo on wagons and trawls, launching boats, yachts and many other works that you can see in our gallery.

You can rent a GROVE GMK 4080 truck crane   , with a lifting capacity of 80 tons , by calling our consultant managers. The LUKAS-CRANE company also provides engineers for detailed consultations to your facilities in St. Petersburg free of charge!



An all-terrain truck crane of  80 tons GROVE GMK 4080-1 in the limited conditions of the semi-underground metro entrance hall under construction at the Prospekt Slavy station, using its own traverses, successfully launched  rare fire fighting equipment .




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