Автокран LIEBHERR LTM-1400-7.1 Truck crane lifting capacity table LIEBHERR LTM-1400-7.1 Truck crane dimensions LIEBHERR LTM-1400-7.1

Lifting capacity: 400 t
Boom reach: 15.4 - 60 m, extension: +56 m
Lift height: 172 m
Crane weight: 84 t
Crane dimensions: 18.5 x 3.1 x 4.0 m

400 tons LIEBHERR LTM-1400-7.1

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The LIEBHERR LTM-1400-7.1 truck crane with a maximum lifting capacity of 400 tons has a telescopic boom 60 meters long. The truck crane has a 94 meter long lattice extension and can be used as a tower crane! But unlike standard tower cranes, its lifting characteristics are several tens of times higher! 

Despite its size, the truck crane is more maneuverable than an ordinary scow! All its 7 axles are steered and steered! Adjustable ride height and suspension stiffness! Like all LIEBHERR truck cranes, it has a crab travel and a turn on a small radius! 

The complete supporting contour of the truck crane is only 9.5m x 10.0m. The working area of the truck crane is 360 degrees! The truck crane has many speed modes for each operation, which allows it to be optimally used for various types of work. The most modern mobile crane computer fully controls all crane parameters, including support pressure and wind speed! 

The truck crane is provided only after the preliminary departure of the engineer of our company to the work site, which guarantees 100% fulfillment of the assigned tasks! 


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