Truck crane ZOOMLION QY30V ZOOMLION QY30V Truck Crane Capacity Table ZOOMLION QY30V truck crane dimensions

Lifting capacity: 32 t
Boom reach: 10.6 - 40 m, jib: +8 m
Lift height: 48 m
Crane weight: 33 t
Crane dimensions: 12.9 x 2.5 x 3.46 m

32 tons ZOOMLION QY30V

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The Zoomlion QY30V truck crane with a lifting capacity of 32 tons, has the longest telescopic boom among analogs - 40 meters and a lattice extension of 8 meters, which together is 48 meters!

The Zoomlion mobile crane has a three-axle chassis with two drive axles. Differential locks and low gears give it a very high cross-country ability.

Small overall height (3.46 m) allows the Zommlion QY30V5 truck crane to drive under many low arches in the courtyards of St. Petersburg, workshops of factories and enterprises! The supporting contour of the truck crane measuring 5.36 x 6.10 m will allow you to sit both on a small site and on a road with two lanes! Services of the 32t Zoomlion QY30V5 truck crane are indispensable for any work from the road in the absence of sites at all!

A 40 meter telescopic boom and an 8 meter long extension arm that can be tilted at 30 degrees will allow you to lift loads up to 42 meters! The Zoomlion QY30V crane offers versatility and top performance with an optional lightweight winch that lifts loads up to 3 tons at high speed! Both winches, both cargo and passenger, have several speed modes for various types of work, which significantly increases productivity. All crane operations, including folding into transport and working position, take place at high speeds. Joysticks with smoothness and speed settings also allow you to combine several operations at the same time! The lifting performance of the Zoomlion QY30V5 truck crane is superior to many larger lifting capacity truck cranes. The crane's working area covers a full 360 degrees!

Zoomlion QY30V truck crane services are widely used on construction sites from scratch! The crane is rented for loading and unloading operations and for supplying materials and equipment to the roof, ceilings, bridges, pits, workshops. When installing equipment, formwork, beams, floor slabs, laying road and fence plates and many other works. Renting a Zoomlion QY30V5 truck crane is quite popular and crane services should be ordered in advance.






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