Truck crane HARNISCHFEGER P&H S35 Capacity chart HARNISCHFEGER P&H S35 Overall dimensions of the truck crane HARNISCHFEGER P&H S35

Lifting capacity: 35 t
Boom reach: 8.5 - 28 m, jib: +7 m
Lift height: 35 m
Crane weight: 24 t
Crane dimensions: 10.75 x 2.75 x 3.30 m


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Mobile mobile crane 35t HARNISCHFEGER P&H S35 with a lifting capacity of 35 tons and a boom of 35 meters has the highest passability.

The HARNISCHFEGER short-base truck crane has only 2 axles with off-road wheels. The crane chassis measures 8.0 x 2.75 m, making it one of the most compact mobile cranes, with a lifting capacity of 35 tons. All-wheel drive and wide, large-radius tires allow the crane to travel over swampy ground as well as sand or loose snow. The driver can easily and quickly move on a truck crane, operating in the same way from both the lower and upper cabs. The P&H S35 mobile crane is capable of diagonally moving (crabbing), turning in place and moving with the boom positioned both forward and backward. All these qualities make this crane the most versatile, having the widest range of applications on any construction site.

This truck crane has a telescopic boom with a range of 8.5 to 28 meters. The 7-meter swing-out lattice jib extends the boom length to 35 meters. The full combination of operations and accelerators give the crane a high performance in loading and unloading operations. The 35 ton crane operates 360 degrees and can be easily positioned in small areas. The crane operator can operate the crane system and chassis from one cab, which speeds up work with multiple transfers. The combination of all these qualities leads to the fact that renting a HARNISCHFEGER P&H S35 truck crane with a lifting capacity of 35 tons significantly accelerates the pace of construction from the very beginning.

The P&H 35t truck crane is indispensable in cramped sites, sites with unpaved surfaces, when working in pits, on bridges, ceilings, in workshops, tunnels and many other objects.



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