KS-55727 "MASHEKA"

Автокран КС-55727 Таблица грузоподъемности автокрана МАШЕКА Габаритные размеры автомобильного крана МАШЕКА

Lifting capacity: 25 t
Boom reach: 9.5 - 28 m
Lift height: 27 m
Crane weight: 24.5 t
Crane dimensions: 12 x 2.5 x 3.8 m

25 tons KS-55727 "MASHEKA"

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Rent of the KS-55727 "MASHEKA" truck crane, MAZ-6303 chassis.

Rental services for the Masheka KS-55727 truck crane with a lifting capacity of 25 tons and an arrow of 28 meters are most in demand for loading and unloading and installation work at a height of up to 22 meters.

The chassis of the Masheka truck crane based on MAZ-6303 has high reliability and maneuverability. The MAZ YaMZ-236B engine is famous for being easy to start even in severe frosts. The two driving axles of the truck crane have all the necessary differential locks - axial and inter-axle.

The Masheka truck crane has a telescopic boom that changes in length from 10 to 28 meters! Each section is secured in end position with a locking pin, which gives additional rigidity to the telescope. The outriggers of the crane are controlled hydraulically from one valve, which reduces the time of folding from the transport position to the working position and vice versa. The supporting contour of the Masheka truck crane with a lifting capacity of 25 tons is only 5.0 x 5.4 m, which allows the crane to be located on tight areas and on roads with two lanes! The combination of all operations and the winch accelerator give the crane high performance. The computer of the Masheka ONK-140 truck crane controls all the necessary parameters of safe operation: load weight, boom length, reach (radius), crane load in percent, roll in degrees. POC-140 gives the driver information about the distance, 

Most often, rent of a Masheka truck crane with a lifting capacity of 25 tons is used for the installation of metal structures, sandwich panels, ceilings, beams, supply of materials to the roof, loading and unloading of rolled metal, containers, change houses, equipment and many other goods.

Rent of a truck crane 25 t /

28m "Masheka" in St. Petersburg is in great demand at all construction sites and applications for this crane should be sent in advance. However, LUKAS-CRANE often fulfills urgent orders and provides a truck crane day in and day out. You can order a Masheka truck crane for rent with just one call to our consultant managers. 



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