KS-55713 "KLINTSY"

KS-55713 Truck crane load table Klintsy Crane dimensions Klintsy

Lifting capacity: 25 t
Boom radius: 9 - 21 m
Lift height: 21 m
Crane weight: 24 t
Crane dimensions: 10 x 2.5 x 3.8 m

25 tons KS-55713 "KLINTSY"

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Rental services of a 25t "Klintsy" truck crane , with a lifting capacity of 25 tons and an arrow of 21 meters, are the most popular at all construction sites.

Truck crane "Klintsy" 25 tons assembled on the chassis KAMAZ-53215, which have very good maneuverability and maneuverability. The turning of the front wheels of KAMAZ-53215 occurs with a change in the angle of inclination, which gives the truck crane a very small turning radius. The rear 2nd axles of the KLINTSY truck crane are leading and have axial and center differential locks.

The crane installation, one of the few domestic ones, operates at 360 degrees. The telescopic boom very quickly changes its length from 9 to 21 meters, pushing out all sections at the same time due to the chain hoist system. The hydraulic system of the crane allows all operations to be combined at the same time, which gives high speed and productivity.

The crane winch accelerator significantly reduces the lifting time of loads to 2 tons and the return of an empty hook block. The computer ONK-140 of the truck crane gives information such as the weight of the load, the reach (radius), the length of the boom, the lifting height, the distance to which the given load can be applied, the load of the crane in percent. Also, the computer of the Klintsy 25t truck crane allows you to limit the working area, which is extremely necessary when working in workshops and other enclosed spaces.

Renting a mobile crane "Klintsy" with a lifting capacity of 25 tons will solve all standard loading and unloading issues at a construction site: unloading and supplying pallets with basic materials, fittings, cabins, containers, equipment, reinforced concrete products, rolled metal products and many other tasks for moving goods. This truck crane will easily supply materials to the roof of a 5-storey building, mount floor slabs, wall panels, beams and foundation blocks.


Managers of the company "LUKAS-CRANE" very often provide this crane urgently, due to the high demand for the truck crane, but only an advance request guarantees you the timely provision of equipment.


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